Role Title: Volunteer Project Evaluator – Denver

Role Description Overview:

The Project Evaluator’s primary role is to be the first face to face point of contact with a nominated single mom or widow. As the Project Evaluator walks around with the mom to survey and note the general scope of repairs that the home requires, they should, through conversation with the mom/widow, also get a good sense of whether the mom is a viable and good candidate for having a project conducted at her home.


A desire to serve and aid single moms and widows.

A willingness and ability to engage with others and quickly develop rapport.

Good notetaking skills.

Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills


Schedule the evaluation visit with the single mom/widow when notified that initial contact has been made by someone from Be The Gift.

Review Evaluation Visit Documents (“New Applicant Process Letter” and “Release and Waiver”) with the single mom/widow. Highlight the permission to take photos in the release form. Ensure that the single mom/widow knows that they will be notified by the Operations Manager – Denver if Be The Gift will be able to assist her with some of her repairs.

Walk through home with single mom/widow making notes about the repairs that she needs to have done. Documentation may include any and all of the following: written notes, photos, measurements, any other specifics that would be relevant to someone determining what may need to be done to remedy the situation.

Note which repairs are a priority for the mom/widow. Communicate to her that we prioritize health and safety issues when doing projects.

Take photo of mom/widow and children in the home. Note: There are some instances where moms/widows do not want their pictures taken.

Complete and submit “Project Evaluation Form” in its entirety and submit it along with pictures via email or directly uploading documents into the BTG – Denver Google Drive.

Approximate time commitment for home visit and completion/submission of evaluation documents: 1.5 – 2 hours (not including travel time).

Key Aspects of Role:

Evaluator’s must always be accompanied by at least one other person when visiting the home of a single mom/widow.

The Evaluator does not make any determination as to whether Be The Gift will be able to make repairs for the single mom/widow and this will need to be clearly reviewed with the single mom/widow.

Reports To:

Operations Manager – Denver