Be The Gift prioritizes repairs that will have a positive impact on the health and safety of the single mom and her family.*  Our focus is on repair and restoring.  Homeownership is required for assistance.


Recent Types of Repairs include:

  • Replace and fix broken windows
  • Trim trees & bushes
  • Clean up debris
  • Replace damaged unhealthy flooring
  • Repair damaged walls
  • Repair minor plumbing and leaks
  • Replace and fix broken doors

  • Fix dangerous electrical situations
  • Repair railing
  • Yard work 
  • Repair and replace fencing
  • Cleaning out gutters   
  • Repair and replace siding 

When requests are submitted, Be The Gift will set up an initial evaluation visit to assess those items to verify that they fall within the scope of things we can do with volunteers.  We utilize skilled and unskilled volunteers – there is a place for everyone!  Sign-up to volunteer today!

*All submitted requests are subject to evaluation and approval and some exclusions may apply.