Come join our Be the Gift Community in serving

single moms and their children.

You are what makes it all happen!

Volunteer for a Project

We would love for you to join our Be the Gift Community to help with a future home improvement project for a single mom and her children.  We utilize volunteers from all skill levels.  So, if you are a professional contractor, handy man,  or just someone with a willing heart that has no specific experience, there is a place for you.

  • Painting and small tasks around the home
  • Larger home projects including tiling and flooring
  • Simple yard work and landscaping jobs
  • Plumbing and electrical repair
  • Appliance and other minor installations

“Special thanks to Be the Gift, a Christian organization created to help single moms. Four skilled workers helped at the cabin today by building a new front porch, replacing the back steps, moving the picnic table, clearing some dead wood, securing an iron bench, capping some electric wires, and righting the outhouse!! Thank you so much for being an extension of God’s goodness and grace!”
“Today I taught the kids how to sand the bench and now they are working on restoring the small pond. They are finding more Ladybugs and 2 more rose bushes are budding. Thank you for giving us back our yard and creating a safe, fun, and relaxing environment.”
“It was amazing to see a small army of people gathered in front of my house and the ringing of the door bell as others joined in throughout the day to help. They cleared debris from my backyard, cut down trees, trimmed bushes, cleaned my gutters, and helped with several unfinished tasks inside the house. To say these people are a gift is an understatement. I am deeply touched by their generosity and kindness. “