I found Be the Gift at a time in my life where I began to recognize that spiritual value comes not from career and success, but from people and giving. However, being the sole income earner in my family, the best I could give came in the form of time and talent. Volunteering time to Be the Gift is easy and economically sensible. In just a few hours a month, you can literally perform hundreds of dollars of work for a single Mom who’s just trying to keep her family fed. The jobs we do most often result in daily value improvements for these Moms. Perhaps it’s adding a new front door, so that it locks every night AND doesn’t let the cold air in. Some tasks are literally as easy as changing light bulbs out, from the expensive and hot incandescence, to energy efficient LEDs. Whatever the job, you always know that every day, that family will experience a better life because of the changes you helped make.

The value I’ve gained most importantly is waking up each morning and knowing that many families are sleeping safer, warmer and more comfortable due to work that I did in a single morning; that’s just an amazing feeling. And, every cold snap which comes by, remembering the Mom’s house which had a hole in siding, and thinking of how her kids are warm now, and her energy bills are lower to boot. The list goes on and on; you can’t help but feeling good about adding sustaining value to other people’s lives.

The value which our volunteer time has on these families is both obvious, understated and has a lasting positive impact. The understated value we bring to these families is one of hope and perspective. These families, especially the kids, get to experience men and women working together to selflessly give. That is an experience which some of these kids may not have very often, and the value of experiencing that love is so important for kids. With Be the Gift, it is the unique combination of being able to give time once in order to help families on a day-to-day basis, which just makes for a fantastic volunteer experience.