My name is Sue. I’m retired Navy with 24 years of service, living in Loveland. I enjoy motorcycle riding both street and off road with friends and family. I also enjoy bowling, quilting, camping and shooting. I love serving and attend Foundations Church. I’m also a member of the Cross Country Crusaders, the Loveland chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association.

How did you get connected with Be the Gift?

I got to be involved with Be the Gift through some friends I ride with. My first project I volunteered for was a single mom with 2 incredible kids, living with her mom. The kitchen floor was a trip hazard, so we tore up the floor, fixed what needed fixing and put new flooring down. We also installed a ceiling fan in the son’s bedroom. We did a few more “fixes” that were small to me, but were incredibly huge to the family. Seeing what a difference we were able to make in that short period of time that day, made such an impact on me, it was easy to become even more involved.

Why did you choose to give your time to Be the Gift and why do you continue to do so?

Be The Gift has such a heart for helping single moms and their kids, they make it easy to say “yes” when it comes to being a volunteer on the next project, or hosting a table at the Single Mom’s Christmas party, or putting the word out about the Benefit Ride that happens during the summer.

How has volunteering with Be the Gift impacted your life?

I thought the work crew was there to give the moms and their kids some encouragement and a ray of hope that shows them that someone does care about them. The families do get that, but the volunteer crew at the end of the day is nothing but smiles and excited about what the family has meant to them. Seeing how the kids want to join in and lend a hand, it can only be paid forward to the next generation.

How have you seen it impact the lives of Single Mom Families?

If the moms don’t have to worry about home repair and can concentrate on staying positive for their kids, the kids won’t worry about mom and they can do well in school and excel in their own life. What a blessing it is for me to be part of something, that makes such an impact for the single moms in our community.