Bob and I have been married for 40 years and have enjoyed many volunteer activities together. Bob is currently retired from Hancock Fabrics where he served as a VP of Store Operations. I am still working in education. I was a primary school teacher for over 20 years, and am currently an instructional aide in the Poudre School District. When our kids were small we did most of our volunteering in our church, but as soon as our 2 boys were old enough for Cub Scouts we became a scouting family. All four of us were immersed in scouting until our boys left college.

How did you get connected to Be the Gift?

Chris came to speak to the missions committee at our church 5 years ago, where Bob was serving as a committee member. Bob was interested in what Chris had shared and contacted him to see how he could serve. Bob’s first project was at a group home for single young moms in Arvada. Be the Gift was laying down a new floor. Bob describes the day as very moving for him. He could see by the looks on the mother’s faces that the workers were making a real difference. They were filling a need, not just for the moms but for the whole family by making their home safe.

Why do you choose to give your time to Be the Gift?

Both Bob and I enjoy the sense of fulfillment you get from serving and helping others, making a difference where we can. We have had so much bounty and feel called to share what talents we have with others. Being married for 40 years, we have always had each other to lean on for emotional and financial support. We have been there for each other when things needed to be done. These single moms often don’t have that support. They may lack the skills and money for household improvements and definitely don’t have the time to get them done. We are happy to fill that gap by working with the families or helping raise money for Be the Gift.

How has volunteering with Be the Gift impacted your life?

Working with Be the Gift has been humbling. These single moms have become our heroes. It is hard to imagine how they have kept a balance in their lives while taking care of children, working, maintaining a household and often going to school. How special is that?

How have you seen it impact the lives of Single Mom Families?

There is nothing better than the expression on the Mom and their children’s faces as they see the household improvements take form in front of their eyes. They know that God has provided them a great gift through this wonderful organization led by Chris and Marilyn.