“I’m Del Benkendorf.  I retired from being a Public Accountant for forty-two years in Loveland, Colorado.  During my business career I was involved in numerous civic and church related boards and activities.  Presently I am on the Be the Gift Inc. board, and a charter member of the Leland Sertoma Club (since 1972).  I attend Life Spring Covenant Church, work on Habitat for Humanity projects and volunteer for various community events and activities, play tennis weekly, and I love being outdoors in my yard or riding my bike.  While being proud of my military service in the United States Navy for four years, I’m most proud of my wife and two married children and four grandchildren.  I am married to my first wife, high school sweetheart, for forty-six years.”

How did you get connected with Be the Gift and what made you decide to become more involved in the ministry?

“While in the accounting and tax profession I had the opportunity to become the accountant/tax preparer for Motivation for Ministry Inc. which is the predecessor non-profit to Be the Gift.  I was on that board.  When Chris Johnson’s father turned his ministry over to his son, my wife and I were asked to be on the BTG board.  Many meetings later we are still around.  What a blessing this ministry is to those being served, and a return blessing to the ministry.”

How has volunteering with Be the Gift impacted your life?

“Serving with Be the Gift as a board member and volunteer has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me.  It has made me take the focus away from self and look farther beyond.  The biggest impact for me is when a single moms says “thank you” for the work done with tears in her eyes.  Being a positive influence to a single mom seems to be just as much a blessing to me as to the single mom.  I found out by working with some of the moms, that there is a difference between being alone and feeling alone.  Just being there seems to mean so much.

One mom we served made the comment to me after finishing work on her home that she “didn’t know guys did this sort of thing, especially for a stranger.”  WOW…to have lived in a situation with three small children and having to do all that was necessary to maintain a household.  How hard is that!  This comment will stay with me forever.”

How have you seen it impact the lives of single mom families?

“Everyone seems to have a different set of circumstances. It is apparent that the focus is the same for all.  They need the love of God in their lives as well as knowing their families are safe.  Having Be the Gift help them unconditionally gives them hope that they may never have experienced before and shows them that someone cares.”