“I will turn sixty years old this year.  I’ve worked in the accounts payable department for a heating contractor in Broomfield for the last twenty-five years.  I enjoy golf and still somewhat play softball.  I have a beautiful family, wife – Marcy, son Joe and Carly is my daughter.

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We’ve been long time friends with the Johnson family. In the last few years we’ve reconnected and enjoy being involved in  their ministry as volunteers.  It gives us an opportunity to take our eyes off ourselves and look to the needs of others.  I believe that is a top priority in God’s plan.

How has volunteering with BTG impacted your life?

Seeing people in need and properties transformed through a team effort, and being able the share the love of God and see the impact it has on families.  Working with incredible volunteers like Andria and James.  The three of us recently worked on a project for a single mom.  Andria is at most of the projects that I work at.  She is always willing to serve in any capacity.  I think she has a little of Tim The Tool Man in her because she especially likes to work with power tools.  James showed up two years ago at a project and spent his fifteenth birthday working with us.  It was great to see him when he showed up at our latest project.  I had to referee a little bit but the three of us made some great improvements in the back yard.  James will be a senior in high school this year. These are just two of a number of special people you get to meet when you volunteer.

The greatest effect on me is when I remind these moms how much God loves them and see the effect on them as they receive His blessings. It is always special to me when my son and daughter are working with me on a project as well.

How have you seen it impact the lives of single mom families?

Every family has different circumstances; the main theme is the same for all of them, families are humbled to see God’s love and service in action.  At the end of the day both families and volunteers go their own ways filled with that joy.  Thank You Jesus!!!”