My name is Christian Walter and I have a great wife of 10 years named Evelyn and 2 awesome daughters Elizabeth (7 yrs) and Anna (6 yrs).  I’ve had the privilege of being the stay-at-home parent in our family for going on 7 years this summer; something which I’m sure I won’t fully appreciate until much later in life.  I’m not a big “hobby” guy but in my past I’ve always been energized by tinkering with things and figuring out how to do things.

How did you get connected with Be the Gift? What Made you Decide to get Involved?

We moved to Colorado in the fall of 2010 and come summer of ’11 I was looking for somewhere to volunteer my time utilizing my construction and project management background.  While sourcing places to serve, I heard a Be The Gift commercial on the radio, gave them a call, and volunteered on my first project that August.  The team I volunteered with that day was impetus for getting more involved.  Despite not knowing anyone when I showed up that morning, I left desiring to serve again soon because of the people I met and the hope that I’d see many of them again.

How has volunteering with Be the Gift impacted your life?Christian Spotlight Quote

Serving with Be The Gift has been a much needed and consistent reminder of the bigger picture of life especially as my daughters have gotten older and are more involved in things.  Schedules get crazy (even when you work at not letting them), my “to-do” list items stack up, and often I succumb to the stress and pressures of life.  My involvement with Be The Gift, particularly on project workdays, reminds me that what is important in life is sharing it with others and that there is so much truth in that you get more when you give than when you receive.

Share a story from your time volunteering with BTG that has a lasting impact on you.

One mom we served shared about how tough it is to raise middle school and high school aged boys alone and how much tougher that is that the boys father is not in the picture at all.  These moms have very full plates and they do the best job they can do under what are very tough circumstances.  The lasting effect of this story and those like it is a recurrent hope and desire that we can be a vehicle in the future to connect these families with resources to provide positive male role models in these children’s lives.

How have you seen it impact the lives of single mom families?

I’ve seen Be The Gift be a vehicle of liberation and hope for these families.  When a team of strangers goes into a home and takes care of things that have needed addressing for what seems like forever and seemed like they’d never be addressed, an enormous weight is lifted from these moms and their kids.   The effect of this continues after Be The Gift has cleaned up and driven off.  Many moms write about how the workday showed them and their children that they matter, that they are not alone, and that there are people out there who care about them.  In my opinion, this is by far the most impactful result of what we do.