My name is Shelly and I’m a Harley Davidson riding grandma. I have two grown boys and two grandsons who are the lives of my life.  I am a single mom and have been for many years; I was very lucky to have a dad and step-dad who spent time teaching me how to take care of home and car repairs so that I could save money. Over the years I have become a jack of all trades.

How did you get connected with Be the Gift?

My best friend Diana invited me to the 2nd annual poker run, which I still love to participate in, then I found out that the Denver area was just starting to take off and many mom’s were in need; I  volunteered one weekend and I have been doing it regularly since.

Why did you chose to give your time to Be the Gift and why do you continue to do so?Spoltight Quote

First I’m a single mom and I was very fortunate to have people in my life to teach me how to perform home repairs and improvements.  Second,  I love being able to encourage and help the moms I serve and Be the Gift provides me the ability to connect with that very specific demographic, one that is near and dear to my heart.  Last, but not least,  I will continue to serve with Be the Gift because I love the heart and passion that the founders,  Chris and Marilyn, have for single moms.

How has volunteering with Be the Gift impacted your life?

It often happens that I have had a long or really tough week right before a project, but when I get to the home of the mom we will be serving and I see the excitement and hope i n her face my tough/long week melts away and my heart is filled.  I leave feeling blessed just knowing that a few hours of my time and sharing the skills I have acquired touched this mom’s life in a special way that will last longer than all my long weeks put together.

How have you seen it impact the lives of single mom families?

The moms are always so grateful; their surroundings are safer for their children, they feel good about their home, and that brings relief and lifts a burden allowing mom to focus on other important things.