“I want to send my sincere thanks and appreciation for the work that was done at our home. I was completely taken back at the amount of genuine care and compassion that was shown by the Be the Gift volunteers.

As a single parent the last few years have been the toughest I have ever encountered.  I have gotten used to being “on call” 24 hours a day 7 days a week for my five year old while balancing one if not two jobs at a time.  Parenthood is hard enough when you have a partner, but I would soon realize that maintaining a household, being the sole care giver and lone provider on one income would prove to be a task that I didn’t believe I was cut out for at times.  Parenthood doesn’t stop when illness sets in, or when exhaustion takes over, there is no four day weekend for me or nights out with friends. Regardless of the circumstances I have a safe home to come home to each night and for that, I am thankful.  My son Austin and I give thanks every night for a warm house and food on the table.

When I first heard about this opportunity I naturally doubted that anything so amazing could happen to us.  I had gotten so used to being the provider and taking care of everyone else that I hardly stopped to pay notice to the things that had been broken in my own life and needed fixing,…. tiles, dish washer, light fixtures, window pane, walls that were buckling in, etc. They quickly became nuisances that  I just ignored in the rush of everyday life and had gotten so used to.  I emailed in to enter anyhow in hopes that I might be noticed, not fully believing that anyone would truly feel led to help us enough care about our needs.

Christian called me to follow-up… he was so very professional and accommodating. The following weeks he adjusted his own schedule to work with me and look at our home.  In the meantime Austin and I were adjusting to living on our own and self-sustaining.

The day came when the repairs were scheduled and I still couldn’t believe that someone would go so out of there way to do something for us.  With all the planning and the preparation I had a sliver of doubt that anyone could genuinely care about my home and my sons well-being so much, much less a stranger.  When the day came to make all the repairs we were so extremely excited.  Christian was the first to show up as any great leader would …from then on volunteers showed up with smiles and tools and the most positive influence they could bring into our home.  God was present, and it became apparent once again that God was with us and would take care of His children, that is is the Father to the fatherless.

Tonight, my five year old and I are so very proud of our home.  We played a board game in a well-lit living room because of your organization. Austin is happier, his mommy is happier.  We feel that because someone else loved our home enough to fix it, that true Grace and Love exists.

We had genuine excitement for life and the pursuit of Grace and Joy tonight as we were able to spend time together tonight knowing that not only does someone love us in Heaven but He sent an army of laborers to care for the abandoned and to reassure them that Love exists inside and all around them. Thank you for all you for being the hands of feet of Christ on earth”

~ Rosa and Austin